Bases and Impregnates


MFA Classicmfaclassic-slider-03

General use concentrated acrylic primer
A new generation, colourless, highly concentrated acrylic primer suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces. MFA Classic strengthens the base, improves adherence, prevents excessive absorbency of the surface increasing the efficiency and facilitating the application of successive layers of paint and plaster. MFA Classic can be used internally and externally due to its high quality and versatility and can be applied to all mineral surfaces, cement, lime, concrete, fibre-cement, plaster, putties etc.




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Deep penetrating primer
Produced using new technology, MFA Plus is an extremely efficient, deeply penetrating, internal and external primer for base reinforcement and stabilisation. Based on a fine acrylic water formula, it allows for adequate penetration of the structure of plaster up to 10mm. The purpose of this is to help strengthen weak wall surfaces. MFA Plus also protects against damp, increases the adhesion of subsequent products, providing longevity and improving their general performance.





Colourless impregnate to protect walls
A product used to protect and prevent problems associated with walls. Extremely effective, colourless impregnation with hydrophobic properties, recommended for various surfaces which are at risk of being exposed to atmospheric agents, acids and microbial attack of biological origin such as from bacteria, fungi, seaweed, algae, mosses, lichens etc. The application of Silomal prevents the penetration of moisture into the structure and with it, protects from all substances present in the atmosphere. It is a silane-siloxane product of self-cleansing properties which form a surface resistant to water penetration. It leaves a delicate layer which allows the surface to breathe, creating the right climate and a long lasting colour.



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Strengthening-penetrating primer
A strengthening and penetrating primer based on two water dispersions of acrylic, guaranteeing a lasting effect following the binding of individual particles. A specially selected filler delivers a ‘satin’ coat which makes it easier to apply paint and other acrylic based mediums. It provides excellent adhesion to various bases, penetrating deeply into the structure and therefore improving general longevity and enhancing bases. It is compatible with all types of water paints.




Primer EGprimereg-slider-02

Primer for use under mineral and acrylic bases
A strengthening and penetrating quartz primer designed for outdoor and indoor plaster. A water-based acrylic product which ensures a stable base for further layers of plaster and decoration. It adheres well to all kinds of bases, improving overall adherence and strengthening plaster surfaces. Primer EG is an outstanding primer for plaster and acrylic putties which can be applied onto drywall, plasterboard and gypsum board.