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We  are a small, family-run, professional interior finishing company based in Scotland. We offer you high-quality products from a specialist company offering innovative indoor and outdoor decorating solutions. All of the products we use are inspired by the natural landscapes and the environment around us. Because the environment is at the core of our business, you will find that all of the products we use are environmentally friendly and fully sustainable.

Through our services and first-rate products, we are able to create original and unique decor that will please any of your aesthetic needs. With a wide variety of paints, wide-ranging color pallets, and an incredible choice of decorative coats and plaster art, we offer individual interior finishing to every single customer, depending on wants and personal preferences.

Our aim and guarantee as a company is to meet all the needs and demands of our clients, providing you with the highest quality of service.

We also promise to select our raw materials carefully, making sure that they are safe for both people and nature – something that as an environmentally friendly company we pride ourselves in.

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